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"Of all the managing editors I've worked with over the last 40 years, Sara, I'd rank you as the best. The Editors of the Du Bois Review are very fortunate to have a managing editor of your caliber. Your presence boosts the willingness of folks like me to submit papers to the Review."

Tim Bates

College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs

Wayne State University

"Thank you Sara for your meticulous care editing my research articles over the past years. I’ve been published in the Health Communication journal, two books, and a number of other academic journals. I know your attention to the details in my writing have made the difference. I’m forever grateful."

Angela Cooke-Jackson
Department of Communication Studies

Cal State University, Los Angeles

"Sara's edits are meticulous, thoughtful, and insightful. I look forward to working with her again!"

Sarah Ladipo Manyika


"Sara does fantastic work."

Lawrence D. Bobo

Dean of Social Sciences

Editor, Du Bois Review

Harvard University

"Special thanks to Sara for her impeccable editing job and for the extra hours working under a lot of pressure."

Maria Frias

Departamento de Filoloxia Inglesa

Universidade da Coruna

"You are amazing. I'm so proud of what you've done with Transition, Sara. You are brilliant, and I admire you so very much."

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Director, Hutchins Center

Harvard University

"My dear sister, thank you for your work on the wonderful interview with brother Tommie [in Transition] . Harvard is so blessed for your editorial leadership and presence!!"

Cornel West

Union Theological Seminary

"Sara, what can I say? You did it again. Fabulous job on the journal. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Much thanks for your support, good will, and enthusiasm."

David Takeuchi

Associate Dean for Faculty Excellence

School of Social Work

University of Washington

"Your work is excellent."

Reynolds Farley

Institute for Social Research

University of Michigan

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